The title sequence has been kept simple. We decided to keep it to the minimum since it would give the video a better overall effect for the viewer. The video consists of the panning shot of the city skyline, the black eye (where I turn into a vampire), the vampire’s entrance and dissipating a couple of times.

Parts of the footage needs to be fixed since in the dark bits of the park shots, it is QUITE dark. Some brightness needs to be added to it, but not too much otherwise the footage would look noisy.

Also here is the list of things that we need to fix in the final title sequence that I hope you guys will find entertaining.

– Need to fix white balance/colour grading.
– Increase the brightness of the dark park bits.
– Will have to fix my eyes in the shots where I turn into a vampire.
– Need to add some blood in one of the shots – where I look up and take my mouth away and Mitch’s neck is like perfectly fine with no blood added to it. In the final cut, we’ll be adding some red streaks to make it look like I’ve bitten him but also make it less dramatic/ gory.
– Perhaps add vingeting or some kind of texture or filter?
– Need to animate the bats properly (Preet is in charge of the bats, she has used the puppet pin effect to make them flap their wings and fly across the screen.)
– We need to get rid of our reflection in the window in the corridor shots which you will notice when I enter the door of the apartment.

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