I sit here in a crowded computer lab amidst a group of mongrels who have absolutely NO sense of decency when it comes to keeping their noise levels down to the minimum.

Some of us are trying to block it out using earphones but heck, their voices are deafening.

Anyway, I’ll have to make do.

It’s assignment week and the three of us have given it our best shot, skipped work and stayed back to work on this project. The shoot was fun and managed to get what we wanted. However, the lighting that we borrowed weren’t battery charged so we had to manage with the fluorescent glow of the street lights in the park.

That flare though.
That flare though.

I had to run around in my stilettos again, hoping that I wouldn’t trip over dry twigs and leaves in the park. But we still got the eerie shots that we wanted and the wind also played a part in making my cloak flutter in the breeze.

It wasn’t freezing this time, so we got lucky.


We wanted to film an illuminated crucifix but it has been raining for the past few days and at the worst time too- in the evening, when we need that perfect dusky shot.

And now it’s time to get our special effects together.


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