Assignment week, deadlines and moreover, the stress that I as an individual has to cope with along with the stress of my group members is unprecedented. But enjoyable and something to learn from nevertheless.

I’ve discovered what it means to stick to my calendar and what it means to keep a promise that I make. (Most of the time we make promises that we can’t keep.)

The weather has been taking Preet, Jess and I for a ride. The first day of our shoot went smoothly. Well despite the fact that we shot from 8:30 PM and then wrapped things up two hours later. I was dressed up in black, and caked in makeup fit for a girl going out on a Saturday night. Was glad that I could use it for a shoot instead. The red lipstick was the best part of course, and my part paid off. The very enthralling, very enchanting, and charming boyfriend, Mitch volunteered to be my victim for the shoot. (He’s such a darling, and a life saver really.)

Work in progress. We've been testing out the Black Magic Camera which suits our theme of blood, lust and vampire hunting. (Basically dark stuff).
Work in progress. We’ve been testing out the Black Magic Camera which suits our theme of blood, lust and vampire hunting. (Basically dark stuff).

There was a lot of blood (lipstick) smeared all over his neck to make it look realistic.

And then there was my red cape which of course made me look like Little Red Riding Hood. So I decided to lose the hood and keep the cape. It actually went well with my black dress and stilettos.

We got some pretty good shots on the first day.

Day 2 of the shoot didn’t really go as planned at first since we had issues with the timings (ugh work) and the location. Finally we decided to finish it at uni and managed to get some pretty decent shots.

Today is Day 3 of the shoot and I’m expecting the girls to arrive with the equipment just after dusk so that we can get some good shots in the park where I’ll have to dress up for it.

I spent the day looking up music that’s been registered under the Creative Commons License and there have been a few links up on YouTube

cc 1
Checked out the description which clearly states that it can be altered and “reused”, plus the Creative Commons website linked me to it. Hopefully this should work. The Lacrimosa remix is perfect for our shots.

.  There are shots where Jess is chasing me (where I don’t really exist in the shot, but hypothetically speaking, it is understood that she’s the vampire slayer).

And the shots where I casually enter the apartment with Mitch and grab him by the nape of the neck. I was thinking of using Lacrimosa as a soundtrack since it literally translates to “death march”.



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