My group has decided to work on the supernatural theme for this assignment. Our intention is to make use of vampire elements in the video and we also get to play around with monochrome themes and A LOT OF RED. Sin City has worked on some commendable footage that has used monochrome and bold colours to the film’s advantage. It can be a bit tricky if the lighting isn’t sufficient or if the colours that you work with don’t stand out.

What I really admire about the film is that the animation is comic themed but the characters are very lucid in the manner that they have been portrayed.

Our final cut won’t be completely in this format but it will play around with vampire elements i.e., a wine glass with red wine being poured into it, blood red lips (thanks to Mac’s collection of lipsticks), vampire capes, a crucifix and all that jazz.

Hopefully this one should work out.

And I hope no one gets hurt either. It’s going to be all shot at night that inevitably will lead up to sleepless nights. Something to look forward to in the future? SO MUCH WIN.


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