Week 7- Assignment 2

The purpose of this video was to create a dual reality of Mitch’s mind in the form of alter egos.
From the likes of Tom and Jerry where evil Tom and good Tom are the consciences that persuade him to make a decision. In this video, Mitch decides to get a midnight snack and is torn between eating a pie that he has in the fridge and a green apple that would be a healthier option.

Work in progress

As you can see in the screen shot, I decided to shoot Mitch in two different ‘realities’. The entire purpose of this was in lieu of the quintessential basic cloning that I modified. It is a simple concept that makes use of masking and feathering effects that illustrates the entire idea of the ‘EGO’ and the ‘SUPER EGO’ in this video. Red hues and saturation was added to the ‘EGO’ to give the idea of evil and a monochrome effect was added on to Mitch’s ‘SUPER EGO’ to give it a more angelic effect.

Work in progress 2

The text was positioned in such a way that it was meant to give the viewer the idea of the dualities whispering ideas into Mitch’s ear. Initially, I had meant to scale down Mitch’s alter ego to half its size and make him stand on his shoulder to give it a more realistic effect. However, I went with another concept of the thought bubble or a more hazy reality in which the dualities exist.

This was also because I didn’t have a wide lens camera and there was limited space in the apartment to get a full shot of his feet.

If I had got the shot of his feet, I would have edited it differently and given it a more 3D effect rather than a thought bubble.

Basic motion tracking was used for text and mainly for the halo above Mitch’s super ego’s head. I had to use the eraser tool in order to mask and blend the trident of Mitch’s alter ego to his hand and used motion tracking to give the image that he was holding it.

What I would do differently next time would be feathering out the edges a bit more and to get other shots that would capture Mitch’s legs. It would thereby give me the opportunity to play around with the footage a little more. In my future projects, my focus will be primarily on the structure and nature of the shot which will give me more space to combine bold colours and masking.


Week 7: Motion Tracking (Text)

Trial and Error for motion tracking in this video. I’m going to use images and text to motion track my future videos using After Effects.

This is just a rough cut for now.