After a month of being introduced to After Effects, I’ve learned to make use of my imagination in a myriad of ways.

Although I’m still an amateur at motion graphics, working on After Effects has taught me to broaden my writing skills and combine it with audio and visual text. When thinking about what I should settle for this project, I decided to record a prank call using my own voice in a stereotypical Indian accent and Australian accent. I thought that the concept would be a good idea to be able to manipulate the female voice and convert it into a telephonic male voice heard on the receiver.

I had used the Edirol Recorder to record my voice and then edited the voice clip using Audition. After adding some special effects to make it sound like a phone call, I uploaded the clip on to After Effects to start working on the visual component of the script.

I had issues trying to figure out what type of animation had to be used in order to get the entire feel of the prank call. Since there are a couple of words in the prank call that needs emphasis, I used basic animation methods like the Wiggle, the 3D tool, transition into another background, scaling and motion blur in order to capture the required effect.

If it was an advertisement, I would have done it a little more differently by adding more copyright-free images or original images to advertise the product. Since this was a prank call, I decided to keep it basic and precise.


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